Start running your passion like a business

Finding your passion is easy, turning it into a business can be difficult. We can help. 

Get the right tools

We want to give you the confidence to run your passion like a business. To feel like you can grow, learn, make meaningful connections and long-lasting contributions, whilst being protected against risk. 

Business insurances
Illness cover
Money saving
Professional advice
Tools and guides

Freelance more securely

With our industry knowledge and selection of custom benefits, we can help you run your business with as little stress as possible, allowing you to focus on the things that matter. 

Tax contract and legal helplines

Tax and legal issues are complex. Our helplines provide you with all the advice and guidance you’ll need through your freelance journey, delivered by knowledgeable and friendly experts.

Tax investigation cover

If HMRC come calling, no problem. We’ll handle the entire HMRC compliance check, from the first letter landing through your door right through to tribunal, if necessary. We have your back.

Business interruption

What happens if a client goes bankrupt, you get called up for jury service (it really happens! 33,000 people every year), or an agency breaks its contract? Our built-in insurances give you the compensation you need, when things go wrong.

A community platform packed with templates, guides, podcasts, and most importantly, a network of like-minded freelancers to help you and your business survive and thrive.

Protect your business with our range of risk reducers

We’re constantly looking at what insurances and liability options will best benefit our members, ensuring you have peace of mind when running your business. Whatever your business, we have you covered with our dedicated portal of discounted insurances. 

Professional indemnity
Public liability
Employers liability
Cyber insurance
Home office insurance
Health insurance

Looking for more?

Yeah you are, and we have more! As well as our leading risk-reducers to give you peace of mind, our Ultimate membership pack give you all you need to keep you and your business fighting fit and ready for the freelance journey. From those starting out, to the freelancing veterans, we’ll have you covered. 

Compensation if an agency breaks a contract

Agencies can be vital to your business, but things aren’t always perfect. If an agency does not meet the terms of your contract, we’ll compensate you up to £1,000 based on your day rate as per the contract.

Jury service cover

If you are working on a contract and get called up for jury service (it really happens! 33,000 people every year), we’ll make sure you’re not out of pocket and you’ll receive your day rate as per the contract up to £5,000.

Money saving offers

Through the Freelance Corner Rewards platform members can access a wide collection of rewards and savings, that are available from some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Knowing Freelance Corner has my back, allows me to focus on growing my business, and the community support and tools on the platform makes growing it even easier!
Martin Harling-Coward
MHC Design, Freelance Graphic Designer

A guide to freelancing

Six 'must have' chapters for the new and the experienced freelancer

The Guide to Freelancing is a 70-page masterpiece (if we do say so ourselves) for business owners like you. Walking you through how to be more efficient, get more work and be happier – with real life case studies, we’re sure you’ll love it. 

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Each week, hosts Faye and Jess welcome an expert on to the show to quiz them on the subjects that matter to you. Ever wanted to know the parental rights you are entitled to, how to get a hang of your finances, or the key dates you need to be aware of this year?

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IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, is the voice of the UK’s self-employed population who make up one in seven people working today.

At IPSE we work tirelessly to be the voice of the Freelance community. During the Covid-19 epidemic we’ve been engaging with government on behalf of our members, fighting to ensure that government doesn’t forget the needs of the freelance community and trying to ensure support for all our members.

Together, with our members, we have been instrumental in establishing the new Government post, the Small Business Commissioner; and we’ve also successfully helped thousands of members with IR35.

With our knowledge and experience you can trust us to represent you.

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