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Ultimate pack*

Get complete peace of mind with our Ultimate pack. Providing you with all the equipment and benefits you’ll need on your freelancing adventure. 

Compensation if a client goes bankrupt or into administration

One of your clients goes into administration without paying your outstanding invoices?! No problem. We’ll compensate you up to £10,000.

Tax investigation cover

If HMRC come calling, no need for stress. We'll handle the entire HMRC compliance check, from the first letter landing through your door, right through to tribunal, if necessary. We have your back, every step of the way.

Compensation if an agency breaks a contract

Agencies can be vital to your business, but things aren't always perfect. If an agency does not meet the terms of your contract, we’ll compensate you up to £1,000 based on your day rate as per the contract.

Jury service cover

If you are working on a contract and get called up for jury service (it really happens! 33,000 people every year), we'll make sure you're not out of pocket and you'll receive your day rate as per the contract up to £5,000.

Contract absence benefit

Contract absence benefit if you are ill or injured for 3 or more weeks Freelance Corner will compensate you up to £2,000 based on your day rate as per your current contract.

*Min. one year subscription | T&C’s apply

Frequently Asked Questions

No trial necessary. Become a member of Freelance Corner for free, subscribe to the Essentials pack on a monthly basis and upgrade to the Ultimate pack when you want cover for life’s eventualities. 

With our Essentials Pack monthly plan, you can cancel anytime. Due to the insurances involved with the Protection and Ultimate Pack, we can only offer these with a minimum annual commitment. However, to help with cashflow, you can pay in monthly instalments. 

If you’re one of the first 100 pioneering members to sign up for one of our packs, we’ll be sending you some unique swag, giving you a free ticket to National Freelancers Day *and* you’ll continue to get even more special recognition and access throughout your time as a member. 

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