Contract review service

Why do you need a contract review?

  • To ensure your contract fits within IR35 regulations
  • Your working practices mirror the terms and conditions detailed in your contract
  • To check the clauses in your contract are compliant and meet your requirements

What is an IR35 Contract Review

It’s vital that you understand exactly how your contract affects your IR35 status, that’s why Freelance Corner recommends that each contract your business wins is reviewed by experts to ensure that you have the best defence you can if the taxman does come calling.

Freelance Corner’s IR35 Contract Review service provides you with a detailed report offering any appropriate amendments and improvements to the contract wording, as well as considering the day to day working practices of the engagement and concluding with a definitive IR35 ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. Public Sector contractors are also offered specific assurance to provide to the Government Department.

Don’t remember? Well, here at Freelance Corner we know how important it is to keep all your contracts in check, which is why we’re providing both our members and non-members the opportunity to get their contractual documents and status questions reviewed for IR35, easily and inexpensively online.

Once your details have been filled out and we have all the documents we need, your contract will be sent to our independent tax experts, where they’ll then expertly produce a full length report focusing on all relevant clauses, both positive and negative. Throughout this review process you will be updated regularly on the progress of your contract via email, until completion where you will then be given a written summary of the status of your engagement, including any appropriate changes that could be made to help enhance and improve the contract itself.

Dedicated to quality and conciseness, Freelance Corner ensures that each review is concluded within 5 working days, but also offers a 24 hour express service which is affordable and just as reliable if you need a quick turnaround.

You will be sent an invoice receipt to confirm successful payment of this service and then, once the full Contract Review has been successfully completed, you’ll receive the written reporting confirming the opinion on your IR35 status and, if the engagement is deemed to fall outside of IR35, you’ll also receive a certificate confirming this is this case.

To minimise any delays in dealing with your request, please note:

  1. Standard reviews will be completed within 5 working days, Express reviews will be completed within 24 business hours
  2. The delivery timescales relate to normal business hours and excludes weekends or Public Holidays.
  3. IPSE’s contract review service is provided by Markel Tax.
  4. The contract review service will not start until a completed Business Practice Questionnaire has been emailed to Markel Tax and the contract is uploaded.

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