How to become a freelance photographer

Becoming a full or part-time freelance photographer appeals to many people. But the reality of how to become a freelance photographer can be a shock, especially after you’ve invested thousands of pounds in equipment and software.

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My Freelance Story: Journalist Thomas Hobbs

The My Freelance Story interviews are a chance for us to celebrate and share stories from the world of self-employed …

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Opinion: Stop telling other freelancers where they should work

There have been many studies of remote and office working which compared productivity, motivation, and output. And you can expect a lot more to be produced in the near future, as a quick search for home vs office working already returns 4,210,000,000 results. Without a definitive answer.


How to become a freelance structural engineer

Freelance and self-employment powers a huge range of industries. None more than construction, with freelancers accounting for more than half of the workforce in one recent study, and covering a range of specialist roles. So, if this could be a career for you, find out how to become a freelance structural engineer with our guide below.

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