Freelance tools

We have a selection of free content ready for you to download today, so you can start running your passion like a business.


Gentle reminder letter

The first of 3 letters to send to chase a client who is late to make payment.


Be your own boss

The way we work has gone through a major revolution. You no longer have to belong to a big firm to be taken seriously, or to be thought of as having a “proper job”.

Get going

Understand the basic steps to get going and what you need to get your freelance career moving.

Get work

So that’s the basics taken care of. Now you need to earn some money.

Get paid

Once you have found some clients or agencies willing to engage your services, you need to manage the relationship smoothly so that you deliver excellent value and the client is happy to pay you for it.

Get ahead

After you have one or two projects under your belt you’ll be getting the hang of how it all works. This is the time to take a step back to work out where you can tweak things to design a truly slick operation.

Get out

When an entrepreneur goes to a venture capitalist for funding, one of the key questions they get asked is ‘what is your exit strategy’.

Before you begin

A guide to winning work, all you need to know before you begin.

Guide to generating freelance work

One of the key challenges you’ll face as a freelancer is finding a sustainable pipeline of work. So, it’s important that you put the right planning and effort into your business development.

A guide to winning work and GDPR

Follow our tips for effective ways to contact potential clients.

Knowledge bank

Insurance for start-ups

Insurance means peace of mind. You may not need every type of insurance, but you do need to consider them all when starting a new business