Tech review: The keyboard with a touch of craft

Introducing the wireless Logitech Craft – a very sleek and sophisticated keyboard aimed not exclusively, but primarily at the creative user.


Computer peripherals such as keyboards are, in most situations, the afterthought of your computing set-up. Destined to go unappreciated, performing an unremarkable, mandatory role and to spend their lifetime cowering in the ominous shadow of your computer’s self-importance.

Until now… it’s time to step into the light.

The Logitech Craft is undeniably beautiful and feature-rich, but it is not without its niggles and an eye-watering £179 price tag. This keyboard screams creative simplicity, with its robust matt black plastic teamed with a silver metallic bar on top housing a 1,500mAH battery and the mysterious dial that brings the Craft’s party piece to life.

Its thin elegant design is complemented by the subtle dishing on each key, which prevents your fingers from getting lost in the sea of keys. With such a simple design, some might say the Craft looks almost dreary. I, however, say it only emphasises the true beauty of this keyboard and allows the functionality to do the talking.

Crafty features

At 960g, the Craft is a pretty heavy keyboard, which may be an issue for the always-on-the-go user – but to me, it installs confidence in its sturdiness and ability to withstand the occasional knock.

The Craft features dual connectivity, 2.4GHz wireless over the Logitech unifying receiver and low energy mode over Bluetooth. It boasts a wireless range of 10m, perfect for those with superhuman vision, but for those of us with normal eyes, I doubt you will put the range under any form of stress.

The battery life could be better. With backlighting turned off, you can expect, on average, a not so shabby three-month battery life. However, with backlighting turned on, it is a very disappointing one week. It takes roughly six hours for the Craft to charge to 100 per cent when connected using the included USB-C cable.

What makes the Craft more than just an average keyboard?

The dial, Craft’s touch-sensitive media control, unleashes the full potential of its functionality. Spin left, right or click – a simple, yet effective application control feature that even non-creatives can benefit from.

Out of the box, Craft can integrate with most MS Office and Adobe Suite applications, Spotify, Windows, IOS, Linux and so much more! In Windows 10, the dial controls volume but switching into Photoshop, the dial can be used to make pixel-by-pixel adjustments using a variety of tools.

The first time you connect the Craft to your computer, you are prompted to install Logitech Options, an application that will take you down the metaphorical rabbit hole into the world of complete customisation. Options will unlock the default functionality of the dial and the function (Fn) keys, allowing you to change the result of each key and dial movement.

The overall verdict

I used the Craft keyboard for around two weeks and over Bluetooth, I did experience a few connection drops. Overall, the Craft is simply amazing; not only is it a contender for one of the most beautiful keyboards available today, the functionality and sheer customisation available sets this keyboard in a league of its own and definitely deserves the honoured position on your desk… regardless of the price.