Perkbox: The discounts Freelance Corner pack holders can claim

Access to Perkbox benefits is just one advantage of purchasing a Freelance Corner pack, with a fantastic range of discounts from your daily coffee to your weekly grocery shop.

Do you find yourself longing for your student days where you could get a hefty discount everywhere you went? With Perkbox, freelancers can enjoy the great money-saving perks of student life, without the mouldy flat or endless Pot Noodles.

Here are my top five favourite perks:

1. PerksGo

If you thought the introduction of contactless payments and Apple Pay changed your life – imagine having automatic cashback from hundreds of retailers without having to do anything at all! PerksGo is set up so that all you need to do is add your debit or credit card to their app and every time you shop with one of their participating retailers, PerksGo will earn you some money back!

There’s no need to worry about security either, as Perkbox has introduced this feature with the highest security measures to protect all its users – so you can take advantage of the discounts safely and confidently.

2. Cinema discount

While this one is currently on hold, a great perk is the heavily discounted cinema tickets available through Perkbox. This isn’t limited to certain films like most discounts – you can watch any film you want at most cinemas nationwide. Before lockdown, this gave me the excuse to leave the house for a bit and take my family and friends on a cheap date in town.

Couple your cinema tickets with one of the restaurant discount codes available and you have the recipe for a cheap date with minimal effort every month!

Online yoga

3. Wellness hub

If you are like me and lockdown has taken its toll on your body (working from home was all fun and games until I realised snacks are readily available 24/7), then Perkbox’s wellness hub has you covered. Benefits range from hundreds of online classes (let’s be honest, I can’t keep up with Joe Wicks either), yoga lessons, and even healthy recipes.

After lockdown, you can look forward to huge discounts off gym membership, and even 50 per cent off hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking.

4. Mental health support

Whereas employees often benefit from mental health support schemes, freelancers can sometimes be neglected. Perkbox offers freelancers a 24/7 counselling helpline through which you can access help with a number of issues such as mental wellbeing, and even finance and legal issues.

As well as up to £2,000 if you are ill for three or more weeks with a Freelance Corner Ultimate pack*, Perkbox Medical also gives you access to on-demand GP appointments, which can be organised on the app. Moreover, Perkbox Medical makes sure any prescriptions your GP writes for you are with you within 24 hours at no extra cost, getting you back on track as soon as possible.

5. Birthday hamper

Just because you don’t have a huge team of co-workers around you doesn’t mean you should miss out on presents on your special day! Perkbox will send you a hamper on your birthday, which includes some lovely goodies to celebrate your day in style.

This article was not paid for, endorsed, or sponsored by Perkbox, although Freelance Corner and IPSE has an ongoing partnership with Perkbox. Sergio truly just loves the discounts that much.

*Subject to terms and conditions