How to achieve work-life balance as a freelancer

Welcome to Series 4 of the Freelance Corner Podcast!

Every fortnight, join hosts Orla and Ben as they quiz an expert on an issue that affects you, with the goal of answering an important question. Is there a question you would like us to answer? Email to have your question answered.

This week, Orla and Ben caught up with IPSE member Katy Carlisle, otherwise known as the SQ SP Queen. Katy is a web designer who is passionate about all things website design and making her schedule work for her. Katy is also founder of Freelance Folk, the co-host of podcast 99 Problems (but a boss ain’t one), IPSE Member Forum leader and judge for IPSE’s 2021 Freelancer of the Year Awards.

We delve into Katy’s journey so far as a freelancer, discover how she manages to balance so many different plates as a freelancer and she gives advice for how you can achieve a healthy work-life balance and establish boundaries as a freelancer. We also discuss client red flags, how best you can avoid them and practical tips for how to make your schedule work for you as a freelancer, so that you can enjoy the flexibility of freelancing – to the fullest!

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