Lizzie Penny: How are work patterns changing?

This week Orla and Ben speak with entrepreneur Lizzie Penny and discuss how work patterns are changing. We explore the concept of the 9-5, dissect productivity and find out how you can make your schedule, lifestyle and ultimately – workstyle, cater to you and your wellbeing as a freelancer.

Lizzie is an entrepreneur and a campaigner for ‘workstyle’ – the freedom to choose when and where you work. She is fascinated by how new working practices can fundamentally redefine inclusion at work, whilst also improving wellbeing and step-changing productivity. She has co-authored a book on Workstyle which has been published by Hachette in 2022.

When she is not being a spokesperson for the Workstyle Revolution, Lizzie focuses on virtual leadership and building cohesive cultures for autonomous organisations. Her restless drive towards improvement, effectiveness and inclusion is at the heart of why she co-founded successful B-Corp, Hoxby and continues to underpin everything she does.

Interested in the book? You can find more information on Workstyle here:

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