The rules of etiquette in co-working spaces

Just like any office space, there are certain behaviours and expectations people have come to accept; so we have outlined the rules of etiquette in co-working spaces.

Respect boundaries

Be respectful of other people’s workspace and privacy. Don’t use too much desk space or interrupt conversations, as this could interfere with other people’s ability to work.

Be professional

Project a professional image. Make an effort to build a good working relationship with co-workers and show you can work independently as well as in collaboration.

Noise management

Loud chatter can really disturb people, especially in an open office space as sound carries. If you need to make a call use a phone booth and be conscious of your volume when speaking to others.

Clean up after yourself

The last thing anyone wants to see in their space is empty coffee cups, leftover food containers and paper littered everywhere. Be courteous and clean up after yourself.

Replace things when you use them

If you take the last teabag or the paper tray in the printer is empty, replace it straight away for others.

Make connections

The biggest benefit of coworking spaces is the networking opportunities. Take advantage of and attend events or reach out to someone during some down time.