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How to set your freelance rates

“What’s your day rate?” Have you ever been asked this? If you haven’t already, you almost certainly will at some point in your freelance career. Read our guide and find out the best way to set your freelance rates

Guide to generating freelance work

One of the key challenges you’ll face as a freelancer is finding a sustainable pipeline of work. So, it’s important that you put the right planning and effort into your business development.

Keeping the business going

It looks like you already have a steady income, business is bobbing along nicely, but now it is time to boom!

Reaching clients

Three common methods exist to reach out to potential clients and start your marketing campaign.

How to bring in business

You probably want to know how to get clients and generate revenue as quickly as possible. Maybe you want to know how to grow your revenue. Either way, this guide will help you with that.

Guide to marketing yourself

Sales and marketing are core functions in any business – freelance businesses are no different. It is important to represent yourself well.