My Money: When you work for yourself, you have to manage your money with extra care, but the big question is: What’s it all for?

If you want to make your money and your business into a tool that helps you live as you wish, this webinar will help you.

My Money: A month of financial guidance for freelancers

The month-long My Money event will consist of a range of Q&A sessions, webinars, and member exclusive events offering insights and practical tips on a range of freelancing subjects including how to save for later life, mortgages and tax investigation.

My Money webinar: Surviving or Thriving – business success in times of turmoil

The Coronavirus pandemic plunged the UK economy into a state of flux: while some businesses and start-ups grew exponentially, others struggled to stay afloat. As we enter into the recovery phase, what mistakes should you be avoiding to ensure your businesses grows and thrives?


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