The Freelancer Water Sport Challenge

Why not join the Freelancer Water Sport Challenge this month, and sample a different type of sport or exercise, before the end of the Summer? Make the most of the warm weather throughout August, and mix up your landlocked fitness routine. Try a new workout or activity at your local swimming pool or lido, lake, river, or in the sea around the UK.

And if you complete our latest Strava challenge, you could get a free shout-out for your business on our social media channels.

With a potential audience of thousands of people, it’s an extra incentive to try aqua aerobics, go swimming, or spend some time paddle boarding or rowing to explore the outdoors. You’re never more than 70 miles from the coast in the UK, and there are rowing clubs or water sports centres across the country who can provide training and equipment for you to get out on the water.


How do I take part in the Freelancer Water Sport Challenge?

Start by simply follow our team over on Strava to be part of this, and future challenges.

If you have a waterproof GPS device or want to carry your phone into a secure waterproof bag when you’re exercising, it will log your efforts. Or you can add a manual activity after you’ve finished, if you don’t want to risk it.

When you’ve chosen a water sport activity and how you want to record it, make sure you follow your local health guidelines, and advice on staying safe (you can find information on sites including Safe Water Sports and ROSPA). If you’re swimming or exercising in open water, it’s important to follow precautions including having the right equipment and getting appropriate training before diving in. You can find advice on getting started through organisations including British Rowing, the British Stand Up Paddle Association or the Outdoor Swimming Society.

Join our club, and you’ll be able to see how you fare on the Freelancer Active Club leaderboard.

Any combination of water sports will count, so you can pick your favourite or choose to try something new. And if you can’t get in the water safely, or you’d prefer to keep yourself dry, time on a rowing machine counts, too!


What’s in it for me?

Feel a sense of achievement from taking part, connect with the freelancer community and enjoy a new lease of life exploring water sports this month.

By completing 10 hours of this challenge throughout August, you’ll also get a free shout-out for your business on our social media channels!

Follow us on Strava to take part, join the club to network with the community and start the challenge today.

Boost your wellbeing, motivation and producivity this month by staying active.

If you need more encouragement, why not listen to our podcast with Hannah Lewin on the importance of exercise for freelancers. You might enjoy your new activity so much you decide to add another skill to your self-employed career and become a freelance personal trainer!