‘I didn’t know my webcam was on’: Confessions from remote workers

Working from home is not an easy task. Many find it hard to concentrate, and the boundaries between work and home-life can be blurred.

Two-fifths of freelancers work from home, yet only 66 per cent have a dedicated workspace. This means ‘working from home’ often means working from the sofa, the dining table, or as this article finds – even the toilet.

Research by FreeAgent has revealed what Brits really get up to when they work from home. 

Almost a third of homeworking Brits admit they often work in pyjamas, nine percent dance during the working day, and eight percent have even been on a video call to their boss or colleagues when naked below the waist. 

A shocking 12 per cent have taken work calls while on the toilet. Here are the worst confessions from those who work from home:

1. The child who just couldn't hold it in

2. The doctor who works from the loo

3. The man who will always remember to put a top on

I was working from home, dialled into a conference call when I was still in bed with my laptop. I forgot that the webcam was on and appeared bare chested in bed on everyone’s screens. There were about 20 people on the call!

4. The Avatar recruiter

5. The toilet talker

I regularly take business related phone calls
while on the toilet.

6. The interrupting daughter

7. The freelance football manager

8. The manager who had an important meeting on a golf course

9. The coldhearted liar

I told my client I was working from home because my boiler was broken, but I was actually on holiday. The client asked to do a video call so I put on a hat and scarf and pretended it was just really cold in my home office.

10. The man who sets the bar for home offices

My wife doesn't know that there is a beer fridge and television in my home office (aka my shed).

Have you got any confessions from working at home? Let us know in the comments below!